About Vaneesa Cook, PhD


I graduated with a PhD in US history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2015.  My work has appeared in journals and magazines such as Religion & American Culture, The Oxford University Press Encyclopedia, Aeon, Raritan, Sojourners, The Washington Post, No Depression, The LA Review of Books, and Dissent.  My first book, Spiritual Socialists, was published in Fall 2019.  For over ten years, I have edited manuscripts for colleagues. I currently teach courses in US history in Wisconsin. 

Editing and Indexing:


I offer the technical skills of an editor and indexer, but also a scholar's understanding of academic concepts and writing.  I will help you craft a better draft and a user-friendly index.

Writing and Lecturing:


I can help develop writing skills for high school-aged, college-aged, or any-aged clients.  And, for those preparing memoirs, I have the historical and writing background to handle all the details.  I also offer lectures for libraries, historical societies, and universities. 


Dr. Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen - UW-Madison


Dr. Michael Gambone -

Kutztown University


John P. Kaminski - UW-Madison



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