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Copy Editing & Indexing


Need help editing your manuscript, checking citations, or creating an index? I offer a variety of services to get you across the finish line. Whether you are a student finishing a dissertation, a fiction writer, or a professor completing your latest article or book, I have the unique skills as an editor and historian to help you craft a better draft in both fiction and nonfiction genres. I am also available to create indexes and proofread for both publishers and individuals.

Editing Pricing:


Editing for Errors, Content, Citations (by request), Development Writing and Structure:

$50 per hr.

Rates are customized for heavier content, special projects, or book coaching.

My rates are intended to be affordable, set to the scale used by the Editorial Freelancers Association. However, I work faster than average.

Indexing Pricing:


Using Cindex software, I will create a user-friendly index for your book. 


$5 per page, which includes reading your manuscript and notes for content and concepts, inputting and organizing entries, and editing the index according to press specifications. 

Rates may increase for heavier content or special projects. 

I can also help with writing and research projects for any age group.
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